Holztiger Level 2 Monthly Subscription

    If you want to build a collection, or squirrel animals away for a big event, a subscription is brilliant way to start. Once you sign up your subscription will begin one the first of the next calendar month. You pay a flat fee per month and save between 10 and 20 % on the rrp of the products that you receive.

    We have 2 levels of subscriptions so you can level up whenever you like. These subscriptions include all figures that Holztiger make and we sell (including, but not limited to: animals, dinosaurs, trees, people, Christmas)

    To level up all you have to do is cancel your current subscription and re-subscribe to your new chosen subscription.

    On signing up we will send you via email a full Holztiger list to you, so you can indicate the animals you already have. Please also indicate any themes you would like to focus on such as Woodland, Mystical, Jurassic, Wild animal or Safari. 

    We will always aim to send you something new but in some cases duplicates can happen, this can still be a lovely addition to your collections as children will also love forming family groups in the animals. Also you can make swaps on our Facebook page, just use the hashtag #subclubswitch. 

    Get a treat every month and you will be presently surprised how quickly your collection grows. 

    Level 1 is typically made up of 2 to 4 Holztiger Figures per month.

    Level 2 is typically made up of 3 to 6 Holztiger Figures per month.

    The subscription is for an unlimited time-span, so you may cancel when is right for you, or we will cancel when you have exhausted all of the Holztiger Characters currently available to us. This subscription includes ALL Holztiger Figures (Dinosaurs, Animals, People, Trees, Christmas and more). We also send out FREE Gifts occasionally with our subscriptions!

    The Holztiger you receive will be random and unfortunately non-returnable unless faulty. Please do not subscribe if you are not happy to receive randomly selected Holztiger (where we can we try to group animals into families or seasonality).

    * We cannot guarantee that you won't receive duplicates. We will always aim to send you something new but in some cases duplicates can happen, you can make swaps in our Facebook group, just use the hashtag #subclubswitch. 

    Please refer to our terms and conditions before subscribing and Note subscriptions are processed the following working week after payment. Subscriptions can be stopped at any time through your EleandmeSub.Club account. Please Set up an account before checkout.

    DELIVERY FEES of £3.95 Apply to this Subscription. 

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